As Arena Administrators, we like to know of problems before our users do.  To that end we created an “Alerts” module.  We’ve placed this module on our Arena home page and secured it so that only Arena Administrators can see it.  It tests for various conditions and when problems occur, it will display an “alert.”  In this example, you can see that we have a large number of communications that have not gone out.


This module uses a custom table to store the alert messages and a few custom stored procedures.  We store the alert messages so that they don’t need to be calculated on every view of the module.  The module has a configurable cache duration and alerts are only processed if that cache duration has expired (or user clicks the “refresh” link).

Currently our procedure to process alerts is only checking for queued emails and for serving reminders being created, but it could be modified to check for anything that is important to you as an administrator.

You can download the user control and SQL script here.

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  1. I have been trying your Alerts module. Do you still use it? Concept is great! How do you recommend testing it considering what it provides alerts on? Thanks.

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